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Innovative educational activities to help children learn with play

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I will understand” ― Benjamin Franklin
Given a choice between playing and studying, what would you choose? Playing of course. While the pressure to perform academically rises with each passing day, students are finding lesser time for movement and physical activities. Seeking creative ways to allow kids some physical freedom while keeping them engaged in academic tasks is something most teachers really try to do. Nowadays we see a huge change in the methods of teaching and playing. When it is possible to combine ‘playing’ with ‘learning’, everybody wins!
According to pediatrics, there are three main types of learning styles: visual, auditory, and kinesthetic (physical). Jane Tyne (eHow) states that, 50% of students fall into kinesthetic learning category. Kinesthetic learners are those who learn best by playing around with things. Auditory learners that form the other 20%, learn by listening. Visual learners, the rest 30%, learn better from watching.
Educators now look for kids to be happy and delighted while they learn, and an interactive experience accelerates this process. MotionMagix offers many interactive options that implement gesture technology for floors and walls. Using this technology, it is possible to create scenarios where a child’s own natural curiosity and sense of wonder are nurtured. At preschools, elementary schools and daycare centres kids can jump around and tap the wall or floor as they work through a variety of interactive games. MotionMagix uses a projector and special equipment to create an interactive floor and wall.
The available items include games, quizzes, themes and alternative teaching tools that range in usefulness for prep, elementary and special needs’ students. In short, MotionMagix prides itself in being able to provide fun play activities for children in a prepared educational environment. For example, Math Tentacle, an Interactive Floor game prompts children to select the right answer to a math problem by tapping the correct number with their leg on the interactive floor. MotionMagix™ has proved to be a revolutionary next-generation interactive play platform with endless possibilities. It is a healthy way of blending mental and physical activities in children. This platform not only helps unlock the child’s true potential but also helps increasing their thirst for knowledge and learning. It helps building a positive impact on the children’s motor skills and coordination.


How to setup interactive floor and wall at preschool / day-care centre




With a simple projector and MagixBoxTM, transform any unoccupied wall or floor into a fun space!

If you are looking for a hassle free solution to create an interactive floor or interactive wall, MagixBox™ is what you need. With years of R&D, we have created a simple to setup integrated solution that plugs-in with any standard compatible projector. Know More ❯


Why MotionMagix is the perfect fit for your Pre-school?

  • Low attention span of kids requires use of specialized systems and interactive content for their total engagement
  • Hygienic, safe, reliable and no-wear-and-tear system
  • Improves collaboration, participation and cognitive skills in kids
  • Variety of games and customizable templates for hours and hours of fun and education for kids
  • Creates new standards of learning and development for kids


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Recommended Interactive Games For Pre-schools and day care centers:

  • Board Quiz

  • Digit burst

  • Jurassic Fossil

  • Learn with Fun

  • Letter Hunt

  • Math Catch Double Digit

  • Math Catch Single Digit

  • Math Tentacle

  • Missing Shapes


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Client Testimonials:


logo“MotionMagix Interactive System installed at our school has not only improved the mortar and cognitive skills, but has helped kids and their parents realize their true potential while keeping it fun!”
Mrs. Sneha (Principal – JumpStart, India)
“This interactive play platform has unlocked my child’s true potential; now he is super thirsty for knowledge and is riddled with curiosity about everything”
Siddharth K ( Parent)


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