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Pediatric Clinics & Hospitals

Time to make the child’s visit to your Pediatric clinic or Hospital absolutely stress free and fun!


“The art of medicine consists in amusing the child while nature cures the disease.”


Although the time spent by patients and their parents in waiting rooms of Pediatric clinics and hospitals varies, it is the perceived waiting time that ideally denotes a patient’s satisfaction level. The attractiveness of the physical environment is not only associated with quality care, less anxiety and a positive interaction with staff but also the level of ease provided in these waiting rooms. Considering this, standard books, toys, pictures of cartoons on the walls and aquariums are not enough to engage their restlessness and even uneasiness in waiting rooms.


MotionMagix is the perfect fit for your Pediatric clinic or Children hospitals:

  1. Transforms any unoccupied wall or floor into an interactive play area
  2. More than a hundred changeable theme-based games to make the kids want to come back for more
  3. Helps increase the patient’s receptivity to treatment and resilience to pain
  4. Laughter, exercise and play as a medicine for all
  5. Takes Game-Based Therapy to the next level
  6. Switch up the complete atmosphere


While children are admitted to a hospital, they miss out on many of the experiences and opportunities for play, discovery and social interactions. Their world becomes much smaller. This predominating sense of desolation and anxiety affects the overall well-being of the child.
MotionMagix has developed this revolutionary technology that is practical, robust and a fun interactive platform for kids. Considering the low attention span of children and the level of reciprocation towards their treatment, use of specialized systems and interactive content for their betterment serves as the answer to their worry. MotionMagix has proved to be a healthy way of blending mental and physical activities unlike traditional methods. It not only improves collaboration, participation and cognitive skills in children but also creates hours and hours of fun and education for kids. This interactive technology also allows several people to play with the wall or floor so that the experience can be shared with parents, siblings, friends or other patients, making it an enjoyable environment.



With a simple projector and MagixBox, transform any unoccupied wall or floor into a fun space!


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Client Testimonials:

“The MotionMagix installation at my Pediatric Clinic has helped in engaging kids while waiting & also in treating kids better as we found them more receptive to the treatment.”
Dr. Ananda Chunduri, M.D, FAAP
“With MotionMagix, our hospital has become a fun place! It changes the look and feel of the environment, and lightens the mood of everyone there”
Rainbow Hospital, Mumbai

MotionMagix is simple to setup!


Interactive Floor Setup with MagixBoxInteractive-floor-new1

Interactive Wall Setup with MagixBoxinteractive-wall-new1



Mundane treatment? Not anymore!

Recognising the connection between mind and body, Interactive gaming plays a vital role in helping children heal faster. Interactive play spaces in hospitals allow children to walk with a positive state of mind and continue living a normal life. They help reduce stress and fear the kids may experience. Interactive floors and walls not only heighten the child’s imagination or sense of wonder and discovery along with other children, but also encourage physical movements.
With MotionMagix, kids are taken to worlds both real and imaginary, creating an experience that is inspirational, fun and curative.


Play for special needs:



“Thank you MotionMagix from the bottom of our hearts, since the first time we contacted you we noticed that your level of customer service was high class. That was the deciding factor for us, I would go as far as saying, MotionMagix is world class and I hope to see it as an esteemed brand name in the future!”
Alan Urquhart
(Autistic Child Parent)




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  • Crush The Egg

  • Four Corner Soccer

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