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Contact Person: Ken Anderson, Chief Sales Officer


Company Name:  TouchMagix Media Pvt. Ltd.


Voice Phone Number: +1 (805)-279-5758



Touchmagix Set to Launch MagixfloorTM Virtual Playground System At IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016 For Gaming Arcades & FECs

27-Oct-2016, Pune, India –TouchMagix, a company based out of India has designed and manufactured a new concept for interactive floors called MagixFloorTM Virtual Playgrounds. At IAAPA Attractions Expo 2016, team from TouchMagix will be demonstrating a version that allows customers to pay-n-play with ticket redemption option. This new change has been made to appeal more to the FEC &gaming arcade locations. Presently there are 7 redemption game options to choose from and 50+ non-redemption game options.
The new MagixFloor has an integrated ultra bright projector which can create an interactive virtual playground from sizes of 6’x4’ to 10’x 8’ depending on height available at location. Now tweaked for the FEC market, it will offer customers a choice of games, “coined-up” on a card swipe panel. Besides Soccer, other games include Chase the Monsters, Brick Breaker and Meteor Attack. FECs can, of course, also buy the existing non-coin versions.


Trade veteran Ken Anderson has been hired as Chief Sales Officer for their FEC & Arcade division. He will present the interactive attraction at IAAPA, booth #2011, and it’s a must visit whether you’ve ever seen MagixFloor in action or not (free-play versions have been running in more than 60 different countries). There are some interesting applications that can be done using it on interactive walls as well.
“Our newly designed virtual playground system allows the family entertainment centers and arcades to enjoy a welcomed change to the older worn-out systems currently on the market.” – Jayesh Kariya, CEO & Director at TouchMagix

Here’s a video of the MagixFloor in action:

Arcade Feature MagixFloor: Virtual Playground System

We will check this out in person at IAAPA 2016 (booth #2011). What do you think about it?

About TouchMagix:

TouchMagix is an innovative interactive play platform with endless possibilities! Use this technology to create large Interactive Wall and Interactive Floor surfaces with projectors or any other display technology. It is revolutionary not only because of the technology inside but also because it is the most practical, robust and fun gesture platform for kids while still being easy to install and operate. Visit: